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What We Sell




Firewood from Coasties Big Shed is Cut to Length and Ready to Burn:

We have barrels or 15kg bags.


Is there anything more cosy than a warm home on a cold winter’s night? And is there anything more romantic than the flickering flames of a real fire warming up your home?  How about you and your family and friends sitting around the fire in the backyard after a summer bar-b-que?


Sounds great but before you answer that, I already know that many guys out there are thinking: “It's not that easy! The romantic bit is fine, but who wants to be cutting, chopping and splitting the wood whilst everyone else is having a good time and saying; hurry up!!"


Well we know exactly how you feel and that is why we do the hard work for you!!! All you do is have a basket, bucket or a box, go to the garage or shed where you have a plentiful supply of firewood from Coasties Big Shed and quickly – without any real effort, pick up several pieces of ready-cut and seasoned firewood, carry it in and at your leisure, every now and then, throw in a piece or two to keep the place warm.






So exactly what makes our firewood so good:


Ready Cut – All our timber comes from demolished houses and are parts of old floor, wall and roof framing. Most of the timber is 100x50, 70x50, 100x35 mm in section size and we cut pieces short enough to fit into most pot belly and slow combustion heaters without any further cutting. It can’t get any easier than this unless we put the wood into your fireplace for you!


Seasoned – This timber is not some fallen tree that was growing only a few weeks or months ago! We are talking about timber that has been part of a house, under a roof and away from the weather for anything up to 50 years or even more in some instances. This timber is fully seasoned and will burn hot.


Hardwood – What makes hardwood so superior to other timbers? Hardwood is much denser (or more solid) wood and as a result there is less air in each piece of wood. As you can well imagine, air does not burn and does not hold much heat either so with hardwood you get more wood and less air in the same size piece of wood. That means you have to buy less wood and you have to carry in and feed less wood into the fireplace to get the same amount of heat. So in a nutshell: Less work – More heat!!!


Environmentally friendly – This timber comes from demolished buildings and we salvage all construction grade timber first. All bent, split, notched and other timber that is not suitable for building purposes we cut for you for firewood so it does not end up in landfill. Timber is essentially packaged sunlight and when it burns it releases the heat and the light it collected from the sun when it was growing.


So exactly what do you get when you buy a one barrel of Coasties Big Shed firewood?

You are purchasing a barrel full of firewood (the barrel is NOT included) which comes from demolished buildings. The barrel is 220 litres in size and because we cut our timber into small pieces we can fit more timber into the barrel for you! This is really important – if the timber is in long pieces it does not stack as well so you get more air and less timber (as well as having to cut it at home).


Please look at the photos which are indicative of a typical barrel – the photos are not of the exact barrel lot that you are buying. In a couple of the photos you can see a standard house brick; this is for comparative purposes only so you can get a reasonable idea of the sizes of timber included (there are NO house bricks in your firewood).


We have weighed several barrels and they are on average 85 – 95 kg each but we do NOT sell by weight as some timber is more dense than other.


The firewood is sold by the barrel lot regardless of weight.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We try to remove all nails from the old timber but the odd few might be missed so handle with care and always wear protective gloves – by purchasing firewood from us you agree that you and you alone are responsible for the safe handling of the wood especially regarding any nails that  may be present. If you do not agree you may not purchase from us.


OK! I love the firewood – How do I get it?

  • Give us a call during trading hours to check that we have the amount you want in stock and to arrange a time for you to come and collect it with either a ute or a trailer (though several people have unloaded a barrel into a back of 4x4, van or large station wagon – if you intend to do this we suggest a tarp or some other protective cover in place onto which you can load the firewood).

  • You can pay by cash or card when you come and collect the wood.

  • If you need to transport the wood in the barrel, there is a $20 deposit on the barrel which is refunded on its return.


 Can we deliver it to you? - In most instances, yes we can!

  • Delivery fee applies and depends on location.  Please call to get an exact quote.

  • If we do deliver we will tip the barrels empty into a spot immediately adjacent to the delivery vehicle – we cannot carry the heavy barrels from street to backyard, to the side of the house or any other hard to access places.

Any questions?

Please feel free to call us if you have any further enquiries.

Coasties Big Shed (02) 4283 8366