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The latest addition to Coasties is our PlasmaCam machine.  PlasmaCam is a computerised plasma cutting system cutting precise and intricate flat shapes in steel, aluminium or galvanised steel.


The machine can cut up to 12mm thick steel plate and can range in size from 25mm to 1200mm.  Either detailed custom work, mass production or intricate artwork.


Examples of geometric parts are:  drain grates, control panels, fleur-de-lis, bucket ears, brackets, flanges, etc.


We also have many artistic patterns and designs on file, examples of some are below, however, if your own design can be scanned into the computer or saved to disc in bitmap monochrome format or 256 colour format then we should be able to cut it out.


All items are sold prime painted only unless prior arrangements are made for painting or powder coating.


Prices depend on intricacy of design, type of material and thickness of material used.


Orders will be taken for any of our designs or you may design your own.  Come in and talk to Matt about your ideas.


Here are a few examples of some of the artistic designs we have on file already thus reducing the cost.

We have many more, so come in and view our range.  New designs will take longer and increase the cost.







Some examples of geometric custom work are: