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These are genuine hardwood railway sleepers recycled from the railway.


Sleepers are typically 200mm x 150mm in 2.4m long sections


As you may know most of the railway sleepers have already been replaced by concrete sleepers so it is getting harder and harder to get old sleepers like these, eventually all sleepers will be concrete which do not need replacing at all and that will be the end of the sleepers.


So if you are after hardwood sleepers then get them whilst we have them.


Sleepers are great for garden edging, fence posts, retaining walls, planter boxes, outdoor steps, rustic outdoor benches, garden furniture and much more ...


We do not know how many more loads of sleepers we will be able to get, so if you have been waiting for them ... then now is the time!


First in best dressed as the saying goes.


Please note that we cannot reserve any over the phone. You must personally select the sleepers you want before we can accept your order or payment


We look forward to seeing you in The Yard soon.


Happy landscaping !!!