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Here we have a selection of photos of projects that have been built using materials from Coasties Big Shed.


If you have a photo you would like to share, please call us on 4283 8366 or email your photo to us at



What a gorgeous table built by Bill Huuskes from recycled hardwood purchased from Coasties.  He informs us that this is his pride and joy and is now working on his next project.






How's this for a beautiful coffee table ! Peter and Janet built this from old secondhand timbers from Coasties.











This amazing outdoor seat and table setting was made by Mr. Colin McIntyre out of reclaimed timber he bought from Coasties.


What a fine example of creativity and craftsmanship !












Another wonderfully practical application and a clever utilization of  reclaimed materials by Col McIntyre.


This outdoor composting facility was made by him from old packaging crates !


Now that's repurposing













With the use of seasoned recycled hardwood from Coasties Big Shed for the tray sides this ute just became that little bit more environmentally friendly.












Here's another cute idea built from recycled timbers from Coasties.  This photo sent in by Josh Reid.





  Peter built this beautiful bed from timbers purchased at Coasties









Here is an extremely creative project by John who made an incredibly practical DOG KENNEL from second hand doors he bought from Coasties Big Shed.


The kennel is working out fine and the dogs are happy.  WOOF WOOF !!!






Doors converted into Dog Kennel

Picture 1 of 5

















Doors converted into Dog Kennel

Picture 2 of 5
















Doors converted into Dog Kennel

Picture 3 of 5
















Doors converted into Dog Kennel

Picture 4 of 5








"My Kennel is my Castle"

It's tough being a dog!






Doors converted into Dog Kennel

Picture 5 of 5





 Barry & Judy Fletcher sent in these photos of their rocking horses built at the Men's Shed from Coasties recycled timbers





Tess Hamilton sent us this photo of her school project - a wall display unit made out of recycled fence palings sourced from Coasties and decorated with flowers made from egg cartons. Great job Tess!