What We Sell


Coasties Big Shed is the most renowned warehouse in Corrimal, NSW to get your building materials for the best price! Our massive warehouse has the most versatile selection of reusable and cost-effective building materials that you’ll need for your upcoming project, whether you are building a fence in your yard or installing a new sink in your bathroom. We are the best choice to get all of your building materials and hardware for your next construction or DIY project because our products last.  

Here at Coasties Big Shed, we have an enormous selection of recyclable, second-hand building materials. Our inventory is constantly changing, but it typically includes materials such as the following:

• Timber/Plywood • Bricks • Stone • Metal Sheets • Doors • Bar Materials • Plumbing Materials • Assortment of Tools • Bathtubs • Sinks • And so much more!


When you visit us, you will not believe the selection or the prices that you see! Our building materials are sensibly priced and available for projects of all sizes. Want a patio? Browse through our selection of bricks and stone. Looking to build a deck outside? Make sure to check out our selection of timber. 

Our shop makes it possible for you to get the things you need. Find materials to do the building, installing, repairing or maintenance you need done at home, all under one roof. Whether you want a full-service bar right in your home or a unique accent door to greet your guests, we have it all within your budget. Stop in today to browse our current selection.

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